Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 Quick Book Reviews

I just came back from my first meeting of my new book club, which has gotten me in a literary sort of mood.  I belonged to a book club for quite some time, but that came to an end when I had children.  A fellow mommy started the group and, while we aren't all mommies of young children, there are a few of us there.  All I can say is that it is so nice to do something once in a while that does not involve my children!

Our book tonight, and my first mini-review, was The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingslover.  I have to admit, I thought I had already read this, but I was confusing it with either Pigs in Heaven or Animal Dreams, both of which I read some time ago.

I quite liked this, which is refreshing because I don't really like many of Kingslover's newer books.  As usual, I won't go into the details of the book (if you want to know, just click on the link above and see what Amazon says about it).  However, I found it an interesting read and it was good fodder for our conversation.

Book number 2 is Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer.  Ms. Strohmeyer was nice enough to send me a Kindle version of this book after reading that I didn't especially like her newest book.  While Sweet Love still isn't the kind of book I normally read, I did enjoy this one more.  For one thing, the mother-daughter relationship in the book was similar to the relationship I have with my mother.  In fact, I may get this book for my mother, who I think will find it delightful.

Okay....big number 3.  Here's the thing--this is not a good review and it is of a cookbook.  I am normally very reluctant to give bad reviews of cookbooks unless I've tried every single recipe (which, let's face, I haven't done even with cookbooks I love!).  However, this one is just a complete disappointment.

The Everything Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook is one of the 3 cookbooks I recently purchased and, frankly, it was the one I was most excited about.  I love using my slow cooker and had pretty much exhausted the slow cooker cookbooks I already had.  Well, I've tried 4 or 5 of the recipes out of this book and they have all been complete failures.  Well, the one I made tonight was alright...just alright.  It was a recipe for a 2 serving pot roast.  While I appreciate that it has recipes for couples, a slow cooker pot roast recipe should be better than just alright!  It is a pot roast and a slow should be fabulous!

So, um, yeah...this one was a waste of money.  However, there are plenty of other slow cooker cookbooks available so try one of those (I've already put several on my Amazon wishlist if anyone would like to buy me a gift!  Ha ha!)

I promise to go back to real reviews with future books....I just wanted to make sure that I finally got these three posted.

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