Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review: "Raising Kids with Love and Limits" by Julie Barnhill

I came across this title in one of my Momsense magazines and thought it might be interesting.  I read parenting books only occasionally, as I rarely find anything new in any of them.

It is true that there is nothing ground-breaking in this book.  Barnhill lays out ten "non-negotiables" to be "One Tough Mother"--the type of mother that kids instinctively obey.  I will give Barnhill points for organization and for writing style.  She is a very witty and entertaining writer--you want to read her even when her writing is just a repeat of what we've all heard before.

I do have one very big complaint about this book.  The 10th Non-Negotiable is, by far, the best chapter in the book.  It is a beautifully written piece on grace and it should have been where the book ended.  Instead, it is followed by an appendix about--and I kid you not--everything from moisturizers to the glories of plastic surgery.  It doesn't fit with the book and its simple inclusion demeans everything that came before it.

All that said, I might recommend this book to another mom.  It is, after all, a quick and entertaining read and, once you get through all the non-negotiables, you'll realize you are a good mom since you were already using everything the author had given you.

Just don't read the appendix.

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