Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book Review: "Saving Ruth"

Saving Ruth Zoe Fishman
Published: May 1, 2012
ISBN-10:  006205984X
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: TLC Book Tours

Ruth Wasserman is returning to her Alabama home after her freshman year of college in Michigan.  However, her home is not as she remembered--her brother is acting strange and there is something different about her parents.  Ruth herself has changed in ways that alarm her friends and family.  Both Ruth and her brother, David, spend the summer working as lifeguards.  When a near-drowning happens on their watch, all the issues in their family emerge.

I'm torn about this book.  There is much I like about it.  Zoe Fishman is a very talented writer and I enjoyed her style.  I felt that she created very realistic characters, something that you don't always find in this sort of Women's Fiction.  She also chose a very interesting time to write about--that first summer after Freshman year at college.  From my own experience, this was probably one of the most unsettled periods of my life--I went from being on my own at college to back to being a "child" in my parents' house.

However, I just felt that there was too much in this book.  It covers the post-freshman summer, racism, anti-semitism, childhood obesity, parental discord and, of course, a romantic sub-plot.  At 279 pages, Saving Ruth is not an especially long book and I just felt that Fishman tried to deal with too many issues in this.  I think that if she had trimmed the subject a bit more, it would have been a more successful novel.

While I can't say that I loved Saving Ruth, I did enjoy Fishman's writing and I would consider reading her other books.

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