Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Little Bit of Housekeeping

I thought I should drop in and let you know what is going on behind the scenes here!

  • First off, the look of the blog.  I'm in a bit of a dilemma here.  I love this blog design, but I need some small changes--actually, I just need to change the headers at the top of the page.  The Home, About the West Metro Mommy and Books tabs are still there, but the Mommy Businesses and Recipes are now dead links.  I'd also like to change the Books tab to something like "The 50 Books in a Year" and then add two more tabs--a review index and a challenges page.  I also think I might need to change my font.  But, here's my problem, the designer who did my blog seems to have shuttered her business and I don't know how to contact her to make these changes.  I really don't want to go in for an entirely new design just for those little changes.  As much as I hate to toy with someone else's work, I think my only choice may be to have my brother-in-law see if he can make the changes on the tabs for me.  I'm not sure when (or if) this will take place, but I'll let you know when it does.
  • Soon (maybe today), I'll be adding a sidebar widget for my current giveaways.  Don't forget to join the one that is going on right now!
  • Expect to see more Children's Literature entries.  I'm still going to do Library Loot posts (I may have one tomorrow), but without the mini-reviews.  Instead, I'm planning to do some themed posts featuring children's books.  Right now, I'll be focusing on picture books--as that is what my children are reading!
  • You may have noticed all my old, non-book posts are gone.  I felt it best to streamline this blog going here on out.  So, it's all books, all the time here (with the odd housekeeping post thrown in, of course!).
  • Finally, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it is very fitting for me right now, as my reading queue is quite full at the moment!

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  1. I saw this graphic on Facebook, too, and it totally made me laugh. So fitting.