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Book Review: "Whiplash River" by Lou Berney

Whiplash River Lou Berney
Published: July 10, 2012
ISBN-10: 0062115286
Genre: Fiction / Crime
Source: TLC Book Tours
Recommended for fans of Crime fiction

I apologize for this, but I am going to use the summary from the back of the book for this one.  My reasons will be clear if you read the rest of the review!

Having left his life of crime behind, former getaway driver Charles "Shake" Bouchon has finally realized the dream of owning his own restaurant in Belize.  Unfortunately, to do so he's had to go deep in debt to a murderous local drug lord named Baby Jesus.  And when Shake thwarts and attempted hit on an elderly customer named Quinn, things go from bad to worse.

Next thing Shake knows, his restaurant's gone up in flames and he's on the run from Baby Jesus, two freelance assassins, and a beautiful but ferocious FBI agent.  Out of option, Shake has to turn to the mysterious Quinn for help.  Suddenly, Shake's up to his neck in a dangerous score that he'll never pull off unless he can convince an even more dangerous ex-girlfriend to join him.

This is not a genre that I normally read, but I do like to step out of my comfort zone from time to time.  So, when this book was offered up, I decided to give it a try.  There were things I really liked about this book--it had a fast pace and Berney's style is very entertaining.  The characters are fully realized and, for the most part, stay away from cliches.   I especially liked the character of the FBI Agent Evelyn--a determined single mother who doesn't really take to playing by the rules.

There was a lot going on in this book--in fact, there was too much going on.  While it was fast-paced, there were too many story lines and characters going at once.  Characters, and their story lines, would drop off for several chapters before emerging once again in ways that jolted the reader.  Other story lines would just fizzle out.  Frankly, I had trouble following all the threads going on with this. (Which is why I had to just use the summary from the back of the book...there was no way I could summarize this!)

As I said, I do not normally read crime books, so I can't really compare this to other works in that genre.  There are some positives about this book--they just seem to get lost in all those pesky plots!

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