Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cookbook Loot

Yes, similar to "Library Loot"....okay, it IS "Library Loot"--but with cookbooks.

As my husband will tell you, I have a cookbook addiction.  To be fair, I know many people who have far more cookbooks than I do--but my husband has made me do several purges of my books over the years.  Since I'm limited to one cabinet for my cookbooks, I've taken to hitting the library and getting one or two or six to bring home and search through.  I then mark the recipes I want to try, copy them out and then go back to the library for some more books.

Unlike "Library Loot," I'll be compiling these lists when I bring the books home--not right before I'm ready to take them back to the library.  Since I really can't "review" the books since I may not have had the chance to try any of the recipes, I'll just post my general thoughts and the number of recipes I marked to copy out.

The Naptime Chef: Fitting Great Food Into Family Life
Kelsey Banfield

The idea behind this book is that you can prep great meals while your kids nap and then cook them closer to dinner time.  While the idea behind this book appeals to me, I will say that I found the recipes included to be a bit too rich (and frou-frou) for me.

Does not include nutritional information.

Recipes to try: 2

The $5 Dinner Mom Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook
Erin Chase

This is a budget cookbook--every recipe has an estimated price.  I have to admit that I found more recipes than I thought I would with this one.  As the title suggests, it only contains Breakfast and Lunch (and snack!) recipes, and the food is very mainstream.  However, the recipes all seem easy to prepare and pretty healthy.  I also appreciate that she includes a number of tips about making items ahead, using leftovers, saving money and the like.

Does not include nutritional information.

Recipes to try: 8

Cooking Healthy with the Kids in Mind
Joanna M. Lund

This looked like a cookbook right up my alley--I'm especially looking for kid-friendly recipes since I have a picky eater on my hands.  However, I quickly discovered that most of the recipes call for processed foods and/or pre-packaged foods, which is not my style.

Includes nutritional information.

Recipes to try: 1

Hungry Girl 300 under 300
Lisa Lillien

Okay, I knew what I was getting into here.  I'm not really a fan of Hungry Girl recipes--they are great for people cooking just for themselves and for people who don't really cook.  But I thought I'd at least look at this one.  Most of the recipes do call for processed foods, but if you are cooking for one it will give you lots of options.

Includes nutritional information.

Recipes to try: 3 (2 of which involve s'mores)

Petit Appetit: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Lisa Barnes

To be clear, this one is totally for my kids.  I'm looking for healthy snacks and meals for my kids--which can be hard as my daughter is a very picky eater.  While these recipes sometimes call for higher-end ingredients, everything seems easy enough to make and should (hopefully) be tempting for my kids!

Recipes to try: 9

Mother's Best: Comfort Food that Takes You Home Again
Lisa Schroeder

I have to admit that I've been tempted to buy this since it was published, so I was overjoyed to find it on the shelves.  Mother's Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland--and I haven't been able to go in ages as, you know, I have kids.  The recipes in here are not for beginners, but they don't seem daunting to me, as a person who is a moderately skilled home cook.  An added bonus is that I already know what many of the dishes taste like--and, trust me, they taste gooood!

Does not include nutritional information.

Recipes to try: 21

I most likely will not have the opportunity to update this with what I think of the recipes, because who knows when I will actually get around to trying them.  But, if I am particularly impressed with a cookbook, I will do a review post on it.


  1. Fun feature! I love cookbooks, too. My husband wouldn't dare to even suggest that I purge them, but he does keep asking, "Why don't you make more recipes from all those cookbooks?" Ahem. Yes, I should.

    Anyway, the $5 one sounds like a good one as does the Mother's Best. Have you ever seen the Our Best Bites cookbooks? I just got the new one and it's awesome -- beautifully-designed with lots of delish-looking recipes. Yum!

    1. I haven't heard of the Best Bite cookbooks...I'll have to look for that one.

      Don't worry, there will be many more Cookbook Loot books to come!