Monday, August 20, 2012

Library Loot 08.20.2012

I'm a little late with this one, but better late than never!

The kids and I have read some of these book--I'm not going to do reviews of them, but I will post a few thoughts.

We have yet to read this, but I think it will be helpful on grumpy days.

Preston Pig has a bunch of near misses with the Big Bad Wolf--my daughter loved this!

Another one we haven't read...but I'm hoping it will get the kids in the mood for Fall.

This would probably be a great book for a girl who is learning to read, but it was rather dull as a read-aloud book.

I got this for my son as he moved into a big bed.  He liked the story, but in the end the transition went so well that he really didn't need a book to help him along.

Another one we haven't read yet....

A sweet good-night book.  It kind of reminded me of Goodnight Moon

I got this one for my son, but he wouldn't sit to listen to this.  My daughter, however, really enjoyed it.

My daughter stuck this one in the bag.  I'm not sure we'll get around to reading it.

Another good-night book.  It was nice, but I preferred Goodnight, Angels

This one was a little strange, but my daughter liked it.

There you go....I'm hoping to do these posts more regularly again.

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  1. Hi Melinda - What a nice selection of kids' books! (I have some of them in my classroom!) Did you go to the Scholastic Book Sale? I liked the synopsis that you did of each book. I am excited for fall, and now I want that pretty "When Autumn Falls" book - It looks so colorful and inviting. I love that you have been immersing L & C in literature. I know that they have a love for books! And they will take to reading like a duck to water. Love, AC