Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Blogger Blog Hop 09.07.2012

I haven't done this in a few weeks--life just happens sometimes.  But, I'm back with it this week!

Book Blogger Hop

So, this week's question is:
What book series do you never want to see end?

This one is kind of tough for me.  Usually, I'm not a fan of series that extend past a trilogy.  I guess my attention span just isn't that long.  However, I guess I would say that Lauraine Snelling's Red River of the North series would fit the bill.  That in itself is sort of strange as I'm not usually a fan of inspirational fiction (it tends to become too preachy at times and, well, the writing style often leaves something to be desired), but I loved this series!

But, then again, I'm not sure this series ever did end.  Yes, it officially ended, but then more series featuring the same characters came up.  

So, there you go....Next week, we'll be hopping about reviews...


  1. Snellings sounds like a good series. Will need to check it out.

    Stop by to see my answer.

    Have a fun hop.

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  2. New follower via RSS.

    I've never actually read this series... I'd love to know more about it.