Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Blogkeeping 10.05.2012

What's going on behind the scenes (admittedly, not much this week, but oh well!):

  • You are going to start seeing some more children's literature posts, starting on Monday.  In addition to Library Loot, I'll be doing a weekly post called "Literary Parenting" (see more on weekly posts in the next bullet point).  I'll also be reviewing children's books that we purchase and a few that we receive as gifts.  This will not be an "Kiddie Lit Blog," but since we read so many kids' books in my house, and this blog is entitled "West Metro Mommy," I do plan to start incorporating more children's literature.
  • As you can tell, today is Friday and in the past I've tried to post my blogkeeping posts on Wednesday.  I've decided that I need to give up trying to do specific-type posts on specific days.  I'm still going to do one blog keeping post (and Literary Parenting post) each week, but I'll fit it in between reviews and such. So, keep your eyes open!
  • To make these blogkeeping posts more interesting, I'll give you a little something to think about each week.  Here's is this week's thought:

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