Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Blogkeeping 10/29-11/4/2012

I think I missed posting this last week.  If you want last week's update here it is: I have a Frankencold. I still have it--I keep thinking I'm almost over it and then it comes back with a vengeance.  Ugh!

But, onto less mucus-related topics:
1 - I am attending the PNW Bloggers Meet Up this Saturday and I'm excited--and nervous!  I'm going solo to this event and that is definitely freaking me out.

2 - I just finished my third-to-last solicited book to read last night (the review will be up in mid-November).  I've decided not to accept any more books for 2012 tours (although I will consider books that are touring in 2013).  Once I finish the next two books, I plan to finish the year with a number of lighter reads!

3 - I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about starting a series called "Literary Parenting" and then...nothing.  I haven't forgotten about it.  In fact, I've started posts several times but I have yet to have one come together.  However, I do plan to start this soon--so keep an eye out for it!


  1. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! There will be a lot of people in the same boat... I was overwhelmed at the last one, but ended up meeting some great people. Some of which are now my real life friends!

    Also, love to hear more about literary parenting!

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon! Have fun at the blogging event, I've never attended something like that..and I probably won't since I live in a very small town. Boo! ;)

  3. Can't wait to meet you at the meetup! I just moved to the Portland area and am also going solo to the event. See you there!

  4. Excited to see you at the meetup! I just moved to the Portland area and am also going solo! See you there!