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Book Review: “Weight Loss Boss” by David Kirchhoff

WeightLossBossWeight Loss Boss David Kirchhoff
Published: May 8, 2012
ISBN-10: 1609612019
Genre: Health
Source: Personal Copy / Kindle
Highly Recommended

Summary (From
We live in a dangerous food world, full of temptation and instant gratification. No wonder obesity among Americans has tripled since the 1960s—and that those prone to weight gain fail over and over to maintain their hard-won goals. Simply put, our brains and environments are stacked against us. Simplistic willpower-based and food-focused diets will never bring lasting change.

But a solution is within reach—one that will help readers live better, longer, and more happily.

In fact, David Kirchhoff isn’t just the President and CEO of Weight Watchers—he’s also one of its biggest success stories. In his pursuit of a trim physique, Kirchhoff divulges his slide into full-fledged obesity, his struggles to manage his relationship with food, and to find an exercise regimen that sticks. Drawing on the latest scientific research and numerous other inspiring personal stories, he makes the case that the only recipe for long-term success is to radically shift our mindset when thinking about obesity and adopting a healthy lifestyle that stays with us for good. This requires incorporating positive habits that become second nature, and rigorously managing one’s food environment—as well as embracing practical behavior-change tools and other sustainable maintenance strategies. In the light of a new, healthier lifestyle that helps readers look good and feel good, change isn’t a burden--it’s a release.

Thoughts on Content (4.0 / 5.0): Yes, it is a “diet” book.  Yes, it is by a man.  However, most diet books written by men tend to be the sort where an expert tells you what to do.  This book is not that.  Dave Kirchhoff is the CEO of Weight Watchers, but he has also struggled with his own weight and it took him over a decade to reach and maintain his goal weight.  Kirchhoff is not writing from the corner office, but from the trenches.

Also, this is not a terribly scientific book.  There are countless diet books that will get down to these on the microbiological (or whatever) level.  However, Weight Watchers is not an especially scientific program.  Yes, there are nutritionists and scientists in the background, but for the members, it is pretty simple.  Kirchhoff takes the same approach with this book.  He talks about the science when he needs to, but he relies more on his own experiences.

Thoughts on Style (4.0 / 5.0):
The seeds of this book came from Kirchhoff’s blog and, therefore, Kirchhoff writes in what I would call a “blogger” style.  He uses humor, asides, and the occasional illustration to get his point across.  This is once again a reminder that this is not a scientific or “expert” book.  But it is an incredibly readable book.

My thoughts (5.0 / 5.0):
I am going to admit to something, something that may cause some of my hard-core, old-school, kindle-hating followers to leave me.

I read this book on my iPhone.

I point this out because, if anyone looked at my GoodReads page, it looks like it took me forever to read this.  It did take me forever, but only because I was only reading it when I was waiting for something.  I could have very easily read this book from cover to cover in one sitting.  However, I just as easily read it piecemeal over a long period.  It can go either way.

I’ll also admit to being a watcher of the weight, so I am very familiar with the Weight Watchers program.  This book, however, is not just for Weight Watcher members.  He refers to calories more than points and is clear that he is open to other weight loss plans.

I found Kirchhoff to be incredibly inspirational.  We share many of the same struggles and just knowing that I am not a failure because I struggle was worth the read!

I was not solicited for this review and received no compensation.  All opinions are mine, and mine alone.

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