Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions.  In my life I have successful "resolved" twice--once was to floss regularly and the second was to make my bed every day in 2012.  True, there were many, many times that I made my bed and then promptly got into for the night, but I did make the bed!

Anyway, while I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, I do believe in setting goals.  So, in that spirit, here are my goals relating to this blog:

Read at least 6 hours a week
When I was working and commuting, I had an hour and a half each day to read while on the train.  I would also read in the evenings and, at times, during my lunch break at work.  Once I became a stay at home Mommy (especially one with mobile children) my reading time has become much, much tighter. I think 6 hours is a reasonable goal--I try to read every evening before bed and if I can get an hour most nights, that would be my goal.

Complete at least 51 books this year
Notice I said "complete."  I am reading a pretty lengthy book right now and I want to count it in 2013!

I really questioned myself about this goal.  I had 50 books for 2012 and it added a lot of reading stress at the end of the year.  However, the goal itself really kept me on track with me reading through the entire year, so I'm going to give it another shot.

Post at least 150 times this year
That's a little less than 3 times a week...it shouldn't be hard, right?  And, hey, here's post #1.  Only 149 more to go!

Write a "personal post" at least twice a month
Ideally, I would do this on a weekly basis, but let's stay in reality, okay?  The kind of post I'm talking about is a simple update on what is going on in my life outside of a book.  Yes, the mundane stuff.

So, there you go.  Happy New Year to you all and good luck with your own goals for 2013.


  1. Awesome list! I have a hard time defining measurable goals, but hope to come up with some that get at my hopes to be more relaxed, less stressed, find more time for reading...

    Great blogging goals, though! I highly recommend making yourself an editorial calendar using a dedicated Google calendar or other color-coded/category system, so you can plan your blog posts out ahead of time. You can use placeholders for unfinished posts and choose when you want your personal posts, etc. to go. I have Google calendars for "Planned posts" and "Finished posts" and can see with a quick look when I'm done for the week or whenever!

  2. These are great goals. I'm not good at reading before bed anymore - I fall asleep. I love to do my reading in the morning on the weekends or early in the evening. Good luck with your goals!

  3. Great goals! Good luck with them! As an avid reader myself, I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on literature this year!

  4. 50 books wow! I love that you have actual concrete numbers for your goals. It makes them very sensible and attainable (hopefully ;) ). I hope that you have a great 2013! I'm sure before we know it we'll all be looking at our goals again preparing for 2014!

  5. That's a good list. I wish I read more. I was a voracious reader before having my son. Now I seem to have book ADD. The only books I have successfully read all the way through was the Hunger Games series. Sigh. Good luck on your goals!