Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars…or not…

Let’s take a break from talking about books and talk about the Oscars, shall we? 

Because, you see, I didn’t watch them last night.

True, part of this is because my kids had taken over the television to watch How to Train Your Dragon (again….).  But, frankly, I had made a conscious decision not to watch them this year…or any year in the future.

I used to be the person who threw an Oscar party every year.  I tried, not always successfully, to see every nominated movie before the ceremony (I gave up on that the year I sat through There Will Be Blood), but now I’m happy if I’ve seen one or two of the movies.

There are many reasons for this.  First of all, I just don’t see many movies anymore, at least not in the theater.  I have, you know, kids.  It happens.

But I also am rather sick of celebrity.  I don’t care, really, what is going on with celebrities.  Honestly, I couldn’t pick Channing Tatum out of crowd (oops….I think I just heard the sound of readers drop me over that one…).   I don’t even know who Seth McFarlane is.  I would say I miss the days of Billy Crystal but, well, not after last year.

And the fashion?  I really don’t care.  Celebrities are not any more beautiful or handsome than anyone else—they just have an army of make-up artists, stylists, and (face it, it’s true) plastic surgeons to make them look like they’ve transcended human kind.  When I think of the best Oscar dress, I think of the outfit that amplifies who the actor or actress really is. You know, Cher in her showgirl costume or that costume lady who wore a dress made out of AmEx cards.  So, this year, my best dressed is:

Yes, I know Helena Bonham Carter, in all her weirdness, is always on the worst dressed list.  But she is who she is and makes no excuses…that is something I admire.

Also, I don’t care about what wins what award.  I only saw one of the movies this year, Les Miserables.  I saw it twice and I loved it (read me gush….).  I haven’t seen Argo, but let’s pretend that I did.  Would I think it was a quality film and worth the $10 or whatever it cost to see it?  Yeah, probably.  Would I enjoy it as much as I did Les Miserables?  Heck, no.  So, you see I don’t need an award show to tell me that some movie was better than what I think is the best movie I’ve seen in ages.  I just don’t care who wins what.  This little revelation has led me to resolve not to watch any award show again.  There are better things I can watch (or, at least, there are things my children make me watch).

And, finally, when I do want to see something from the Oscars, it will show up on the internet.  It took me exactly 15 seconds to find this.  Enjoy!


  1. I don't watch the Oscars or any of the awards shows either. I find them boring and I don't really care who wins. I do like the fashion, but agree that any of us would look that "great" with an army of stylists and four pairs of Spanx.

  2. Great post! I am glad that I am not alone. I didn't see one of the best movies candidates because movies just don't happen when you have kids!

  3. Thanks for posting this video... it is the only video that I wanted to see from the night! I was actually blown away by how AWFUL people were being online about the people at the Oscars. We complain about bullying and then it just explodes all over at events like this. No wonder it is such a problem with kids... they are getting it from all of their examples!

  4. Funny entry. Loved it. Oddly enough, though, whereas in years past I had the same attitude, this year I made a conscious effort to watch it. And I'm glad I did. It was - for the most part - a good Oscars this year.

    With the exception of Seth MacFarlane. Total douchetasticism.

  5. Oh, Les Mis.... love, love, love.

  6. I've always admired Helen Bonham Carter for being herself, too! And I actually like her dresses--I never think they are as bad as the media says! But then, I'm not a fashionista, either. ;)