Sunday, March 10, 2013

Outside the Book 03.10.2013

I had an intention to write these "personal" posts twice a month starting in January and I think I've done maybe one before this?  Oh well...when I put together my new blogging schedule, I have an "Outside the Book" post scheduled each week, so you'd better get used to it.

First off, I'm feeling incredibly blessed that Spring 2013 in the Pacific Northwest has been mild as compared to last year (or as compared to this year in other parts of the country).  Today was just gorgeous--upper 50s and sunny!  My daughter and I were able to take a walk outside this morning and both kids were able to spend some time running around in the backyard.  There will, of course, be more cloudy and dreary days in the coming months, but days like this make the soggy Spring easier to handle.

I have also given up moaning and groaning about the time change.  The kids are going to be off schedule for a week or so.  That is just a fact.  We are not going to church--that is just too much to ask of the kids.  But that mean that we can sleep a little later and, as a result, not really "lose" an hour.  And the sun will go down later.  More daylight is a good thing.

Speaking of sun, my family will be heading towards more of it in a couple of weeks when we make our annual trip to Arizona.  I think this trip is morphing from an Easter trip to a Spring Break trip.  It just so happens that the two line up this year, but now that we have a school calendar in our lives, I think we will be tied more to that instead of when Easter lands.

One good thing about this trip is that I'll have more time to read.  I don't know how much reading I can get done during the actual traveling part, as I will have to keep the kids entertained, but I should be able to sit on my parents' patio and enjoy some books--which is a good thing because my TBR pile is rather frightening at the moment.

Until we leave, though, it seems like we are in catch up mode.  I'm madly trying to get make-up music classes in.  My son and I do a Music Together class on Tuesdays while my daughter is in school and, thanks to all sorts of annoying germs and viruses, we missed quite a few classes this term.  I bring my daughter to the make up classes which is, well, a lot of work.  This should be our last week of this arrangement--thankfully!

So, that is what is going on in our life...when I'm not reading (or, rather, why I'm not reading as much as I'd like!)

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