Sunday, March 24, 2013

Outside the Book - 03.24.2013

Happy first week of spring!  While we've had a bit of a cold snap here, it is still very "Spring-ish," which makes me very happy.

Unfortunately, I've been dealing with allergies--and the only thing that seems to help my allergies is Benadryl, which knocks me out.  This means that I haven't been getting as much reading done as I would like.  I do have one review that I want to write up before I leave town and schedule to publish (it  is a 5 star review!), but other than that I've been worked on books for solicited reviews.

I did get to make a run to Powell's today!  The books that I had on order had come in and I had a few more that I wanted to try and sell, so I was able to get all that done today.  Of course, I had to keep myself from browsing--or else I would have come home with far more.

On Monday, my family and I leave for Arizona to see my parents.  I'm really looking forward to the sun and the "time off" and I will be taking a number of books with me--if I were smart, I'd only take my Kindle, but oh well!  Anyway, I have some reviews scheduled for next week but I won't be doing my regular Tuesday (What the Kids are Reading), Saturday (Saturday Snapshot) or Sunday (Outside the Book) posts.  Don't worry, they'll all be back in April!

Until then, happy reading!

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  1. I LOVE to take real books with me. There is something different about turning the actual page. :) Have fun!