Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The 1000 Book Project, Week 1

My latest piece at the Hillsboro Argus is up...and I've taken on a topic near and dear to my heart.  Children's Literacy.  Mainly, my children's literacy.  Go ahead, read the article!

So, about those 1000 books.  I guess I should say 2000 books, since I have 2 kids.  However, sometimes I can read one book to both of them at the same time (which is not always as easy as one might think).  But, yes, I am on a quest to read 1000 books to each of my children.  Let me clarify....1000 different books. We still reread books, but I for the purposes of this challenge, I only count the first time.  Also, I started "clean" with this last Sunday.  So, no matter how many times I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear in the past, it still got counted the first time I read it since Sunday.

As any parent can tell you, there will be books you will read to your child 1000 times.  However, my goal is to expose my children to literature and, therefore, I'm going for different books.  Technically, my goal is to finish by the time they reach kindergarten, which will be quite easy in my son's case and only a slight challenge in my daughter's.  But, really, it's just to see if I can do it.  

And, no, I won't be stopping at 1000!

So, how does all this fit into this blog?  Well, for one thing, I'm doing away with the "What the Kids are Reading" posts are going away....sort of.  Instead, I'll be posting each Tuesday with a list of the books we read the previous week (Sunday through Saturday).  On these posts, I won't be featuring any one book over another--really, it will just be a list--but I am going to start doing individual reviews of some of the kids' favorite books.  I won't be rating these books, since they will be recommended simply by being reviewed.  This will kill two birds with one stone--not only will I be able to go more in depth about books that we found especially entertaining, but it will help fill the time between the posts about books that I read.

So, there is no time like the present to start!  Here we go!

After each book, there will be an L and/or a C.  The L means I read it to my 4 year old daughter, the C means I read it to my 2 year old son and both means I read it to both of them!

Goodnight, Moon by Margaret Wise Brown C
ABC ZooBorns! by Andrew Bleiman C
Bear in Love by Daniel Pinkwater LC
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss LC
Cat Tale by Michael Hall LC
Cecil, the Pet Glacier by Matthea Harvey L
Charley's First Night by Amy Hest LC
Chicka, Chicka Boom, Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. C
Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds LC
Curious George Says Thank You by Margret and H.A. Rey LC
Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert L
Fierce Millie by Jane Manning L
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker C
Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger C
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss L
Happy by Mies Van Hout C
Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch L
Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson L
I Like Old Clothes by Mary Ann Hoberman LC
If You Were Born a Kitten by Marion Bauer C
Infinity and Me by Kate Hosford L
Jonathan and Martha by Petr Horacek LC
Just a Little Bit by Ann Tompert C
Lineman: The Unsung Hero by Michelle Larson C
Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmans L
Madeline's Rescue by Ludwig Bemelmans LC
More by I.C. Springmand LC
Pugs in a Bug by Carolyn Crimi C
Red Hat by Lita Judge LC
Red Knit Cap Girl by Naoko Stoop LC
Rumpelstiltskin by Paul O. Zielinsky L
Silence by Lemniscates C
Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue L
Time-Out for Sophie by Rosemary Wells LC
Waking Dragons by Jane Yolen LC
We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen LC

So, for those of you keeping track:
L - 30 this week (30/1000)
C - 32 this week (32/1000)


  1. What a wonderful project! Have you read The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma? The book is about a promise that her dad made to read to Alice for one hundred nights and how that promise grew. Your project reminded me of this book.

    You can read about The Reading Promise and how it changed the author's life here: http://makeareadingpromise.com/

    You can also read my thoughts about the book here:

  2. This is awesome! I love the idea and want to do it too.