Sunday, August 4, 2013

Outside the Book 08.04.2013

Guess what!  This was my highest-traffic ever in the history of this blog!  I have a Mr. Reza Aslan to thank for that!  Who knew my "on the cool side of lukewarm" review would garner so many hits, but there you go.  Unfortunately, this post also led me to do something (several times) which I have never done on this blog....delete comments.

When I read and then wrote my review of Zealot, it was before much of the hoopla regarding this book, including the FoxNews video that went viral.  I really didn't think that much about this book beyond my review.  I mean, I read a book and tried to convey my thoughts on it and that was it.  

However, when I cross-posted my review on Amazon, I took some time to see what others had written.  There were those who thought Zealot was a great book--which is fine, there were those who were not that wild about the book, mostly with the same concerns I had, but also some other concerns--which was was also fine, then there were all the other "reviews."  

It is quite clear that very few, if any, of the people leaving the reviews actually read the book.  And, all the "reviews" are the same--Aslan is a Muslim who is desecrating Jesus.  It's unfortunate to see this sort of thing on Amazon as bad reviews and ratings can affect sales (although I think in this case the hype surrounding the book despite--and sometimes because of--these opinions is enough to render these comments useless).  But you know what is even more annoying?  When they start showing up as comments on my blog.

If you have a problem with Aslan's research methods (which I did) or writing style, fine.  But if you just want to attack him as a person, please find another blog for your comments.  My review was of Aslan's book, not of Aslan himself.  While I don't agree with all that Aslan wrote and I do question his research, I found nothing in his book that made me think he was attacking anyone.  In fact, I wrote in my review that I really didn't find anything new in his book regarding Jesus.  That's because I've read much of the same thing he wrote in Zealot in other books, most of which were written by people who identify as Christian.

So, I turned off the comments for that post.  If someone has something they need to say they can find another site.  If people want to have that fight, they can have it someplace else.

I've been having a harder time getting reading time in this week as I've started serious potty-training with my son.  Thus, I've been keeping a close eye on him and doing lots of laundry. Sigh....  Potty training is not one of my parenting strengths, but I keep telling myself that my son is our youngest and soon we will be a diaper free house.....

I've also started checking out more kid books from the library.  My children went through a period where they just wanted to re-read books they already knew.  I was fine with that--for a while.  I think the time has come to start introducing some new again.

Oky, here is the recap of last week:
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Next week, I should have 2 more reviews and (hopefully) another Raising Readers post--and, of course Saturday Snapshot!


  1. I don't blame you for turning off your comments. If only people with closed minds would keep their mouths closes as well ;)

  2. I loved The Orphan Train.

    ENJOY your week.

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