Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Raising Readers - Reading Spaces

My kids are high energy--last night, they ran around in a circle in the family room for 20 minutes for fun.  Getting them to sit still is, at times, a monumental feat.  While I think it is wonderful they are so active--and I'd really like some of their energy--it does pose a problem when it comes to story time.

So, I've had to get creative.  Once in a while, I'll get them to sit down to listen to a story.  Admittedly, I have more luck with my daughter with this than my son.  They also know that they get stories before naps and bedtime.  However, it is sometimes a challenge to get them to sit and listen at other times...but I've found a few tricks.

One, which is temporary (oh, please!  Let it be very temporary!) is reading to my son while he sits on his little potty.  We're in the midst of potty training at the moment so I think we may be spending a lot of time in the bathroom for a while.  Plus, he's a boy...so he needs to sit still (at first...I'm not ready to take on the standing and peeing yet), so stories do well to keep him occupied...and still.

Another reading time I've found that is working well is lunch time.  I usually eat after the kids have eaten and have gone up to their rooms for nap time or quiet time.  So, while they eat their lunch, I bring out the books:

This, so far, has been the best time that I've found and the kids seem to enjoy their lunch time stories.

That being said, I'm still trying to get more dedicated reading time into our day.  How do you work in reading time with your young children?


  1. Wonderful :) I miss the days of reading aloud to my kidlets. They are way too old and "cool" for that anymore, lol.

  2. Reading to children is so important. As a teacher it is something that I stress to parents so I am happy to see that you are making such an effort to do it.

  3. Reading is such a foundation for life. I commend you for putting so much effort into reading to your children.

  4. My daughter (4) is high energy, too. Although she does love to snuggle up and read at times, there are days when she just.doesn't.stop. I get some time in reading to her when she's playing in the bathtub, eating, or even when she's playing with quieter toys (blocks, Legos, etc.). Even when she's moving and playing and doesn't seem to be listening, I find that she really is, and retains much of the story. :)

  5. I love the idea of having special places for reading! I've always had a hard time not craning my neck when I read... I can only read in bed for so long without getting uncomfortable. I must need the perfect reading chair or something!

  6. It can be so difficult, can't it? It's gotten easier for me as my daughter seems to love her books right now. There was a time when she was younger when I found it so hard to get her to sit still for a story. I'd read to her while she ran around the house. We try to visit the library every Saturday after soccer these days, and we read in the evenings. Reading is sometimes the only way I can entice her to try and use the potty. LOL It sounds like you've come up with some great ideas!