Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review: "Someday, Someday, Maybe" by Lauren Graham

Someday, Someday, Maybe Lauren Graham
Published: April 30, 2013
ISBN-10: 0345532740
Genre: Chick Lit
Source: Library

Franny Banks is a struggling actress in New York City, with just six months left of the three year deadline she gave herself to succeed. But so far, all she has to show for her efforts is a single line in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters and a degrading waitressing job. She lives in Brooklyn with two roommates-Jane, her best friend from college, and Dan, a sci-fi writer, who is very definitely not boyfriend material-and is struggling with her feelings for a suspiciously charming guy in her acting class, all while trying to find a hair-product cocktail that actually works. 

Meanwhile, she dreams of doing "important" work, but only ever seems to get auditions for dishwashing liquid and peanut butter commercials. It's hard to tell if she'll run out of time or money first, but either way, failure would mean facing the fact that she has absolutely no skills to make it in the real world. Her father wants her to come home and teach, her agent won't call her back, and her classmate Penelope, who seems supportive, might just turn out to be her toughest competition yet. 

Someday, Someday, Maybe is a funny and charming debut about finding yourself, finding love, and, most difficult of all, finding an acting job.

My Thoughts:
I'm guessing that it is a great benefit for a first time novelist to already have a following.  Lauren Graham is a popular actress with two notable television series under her belt (Gilmore Girls and, presently, Parenthood).  Since I enjoy her as an actress, so I thought I'd give this book a try.

Through no fault of the book, it already had one strike against it for me.  I just am really not all that interested in the plight of wannabe actresses.  There was a time in my life when this would have been right up my alley, but not right now.

I can't blame all of my dissatisfaction on the subject manner.  I found this book to be incredibly predictable with very flat, ordinary characters.  I don't know how autobiographical this novel is, but Franny is very clearly based on Graham herself.  There is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but I would hope that an author would be able to put more meat on the bones of a character that was so personal.  It wasn't that Franny was unlikable--she just wasn't very interesting.

Another quibble I had with this book.  It is set in 1995, but Graham doesn't do a very good job of recreating that time period.  Other than references to the "Rachel" hairstyle and the fact that they had an answering machine and a fax machine instead of a cell phone and email, this book sort of stood in a no-man's land.  At several points, I would wonder why a character wouldn't just call someone on their cellphone--then, oh yeah, this is supposed to be 1995!

Still, Graham had a readable voice and I do think that this book may appeal to some readers.  I would be interested to see if her sophomore attempt (if that happens) is a little deeper, but this book just wasn't for me.

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Someday, Someday, Maybe
by Lauren Graham


  1. I was just reading they are going to make a series based off this book.
    Based off the description and your review it sounds like the same old drivel about 20 somethings in NYC. I'll be skipping it :)

  2. I really enjoyed this book, mostly because of Franny's voice. It wasn't a perfect book by any means, and I think you're probably right in that it's partly autobiographical. It wasn't really the plot that hooked me (like you, I could take or leave the aspiring actress thing). I just loved the voice that Franny narrated in. That's what made the book for me. :)