Friday, January 31, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - February 1

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Welcome back to our 2007 European honeymoon!  After Bergen, we took the train to Oslo.  We had the option of taking an overnight train, but as this was supposed to be "the most scenic train ride in the world," we opted for a day train.

I think we ended up spending 3 days in Oslo.  On our first full day, we headed over to the Norwegian Folk Life museum, the Viking Museum and the Kon Tiki museum.

Here is the hubs in front of the Stave church at the Folk Life museum, which is a must see if you ever go to Norway.  I had seen pictures of Stave churches before, but I was amazed at how small they really were.

The hubs in front of a Viking burial boat.  This was another fun museum, but it was quite small compared to the Folk Life museum.

And, the hubs in front of Kon Tiki.  Honestly, we just went to this museum to get out of the rain, but it was actually quite interesting.

More Oslo pics next week...

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