Friday, January 3, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - January 4

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Happy New Year everyone!  I wish I had some exciting pictures from New Year's Eve to show you...but we have small kids.  We celebrated "New York New Year's" at 9pm with the kids, put them to bed, and then my husband worked on his computer while I watched a few episodes of Grimm.  Yes, we are exciting.

You know what is even more exciting?  My picture for this week....ta da!

Yes, those are boxes.  What is in all those boxes?

Books.  Children's books.

I firmly believe that you can never have enough books (my husband disagrees with me on this point) and I make sure that my kids have books.  Unfortunately, while my kids like to read their books, the don't actually like to put them away.

Sooo....yesterday I gathered up ALL of their books and weeded out the books that have fallen apart or that they've outgrown (and there weren't many of either of those).  Then I divided most of the remaining 272 books into 12 piles and put each pile into a box.  At the first of each month, we'll box up all the books from the previous month and then get out a new box.

I did pull out the bedtime picture books for my son and the chapter books for my daughter--those will stay in their rooms.  And, to show you all how anal I am, I put all the books in a spreadsheet to keep track of everything.  Sad, I know.

Next week, I'm hoping for a more exciting picture....but at least I can say this is a productive picture!


  1. Happy New Year. I didn't get organised enough to do a new year post today and you've done a whole box and spreadsheet thing. Wow! A spread sheet! I'm rather astonished. I wish you could swing by and sort out my house.

  2. I like how you organized the books! And there is never enough books for kids!

    BTW, my life is even more exciting. On New Year's eve, I facebooked for a while and went off to sleep at 9 pm. Yeah, I could have read but I preferred to sleep early!

  3. There's something to be said for one of you not liking lots of books - it would act as a kind of brake so the collection wouldn't get out of hand. We both acquire books, and we have no more room.. My Sna pshot is at

  4. Your organization is impressive. I'm sure the kids will always be thrilled to open that month's box of books. Here's Mine

  5. That sounds like a good idea. My children have so many books! I am already looking for ways to be a bit more organized in the new year. My link is here as I still can't make the other link work.

  6. Sounds like a great way to have fresh books each month!

  7. Totally productive, totally anal, and totally genius! Love the idea of bringing out a set number of books each month ... it proves that everything old is new again! And as for having no 'late night' party life when children are involved? This, too, shall pass. Enjoy every minute while your kids are young! They 'grow and go' way too fast! This, from a fogie! LOL! Happy New Year!

  8. I used to do that with my kid's toys. Not monthly, but periodically. They were always excited to have the "new " toys. I'm impressed with your organization. I too am addicted to spreadsheets!

  9. Wow, now that is organized! We have books all over the house :)

    Happy New Year!

    Book By Book

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  10. I wish I'd done that! We just were looking at some of my childhood books in hopes of passing them on to Jeff's niece, but unfortunately they aren't in great shape. Guess we'll have to help her build her collection by getting books for every gift!

  11. Great idea! A new box every month. But where will you store these boxes? Surely a pile a boxes is more cumbersome than book shelves of books.

  12. Hey, boxes of books are exciting in their own way. That's a good problem to have!

    Not the most exciting New Years for us either, we stayed in also. and that was OK... we had fun relaxing. Happy NY!

  13. I like your idea of rotating the books. Now you just have to remember to get out a new box every month. I wasn't much more exciting than you on New Year's Eve. Out for an early dinner and then fall asleep in front of the television. And I don't even have the excuse of small children.

  14. What a terrific way to keep the content fresh for you and your kids. I bet it will be fun to open up those boxes each month!

    Joy's Book Blog