Friday, February 14, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - February 15

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If you just "tuned in," I'll be using the Saturday Snapshot posts through April to show off some pictures from our 2007 honeymoon.

Here are some pictures from our last day in Oslo.

Overlooking the Harbor in Oslo

My husband with the Tiger--Oslo is known as the Tiger of Scandinavia.

This picture was taken at Ankerhus (I think that is what it is), but what is important to notice is that THE SUN FINALLY CAME OUT...on our last day!

That was our ferry to the continent (we landed in Copenhagen, but then promptly got on a train to Hamburg).  What we did not realize is that this was essentially a booze cruise.  Since alcohol is so expensive in Norway, Norwegians take these overnight ferries to Denmark to "stock up."  And, since it is a Danish ship, the drinks are at Danish prices.  So, when you add stoic Norwegians and free-flowing alcohol....well, have you ever seen the movie Gremlins?  Still, it was entertaining for us...even if we were slightly frightened by it all!

Next week, off to the continent to visit one of history's rabble-rousers!

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