Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Review: "There's a Green Plastic Monkey in my Purse"

There's a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse: And Other Way Motherhood Changes Us Jessie Clemence
Published: March 1, 2013
ISBN: 1572937475
Genre: Christianity / Parenting
Source: Netgalley
Highly Recommended for Moms of small children

There’s no doubt about it! Motherhood changes you—mentally, emotionally, and physically. “So if you’re feeling inadequate for the job, join the crowd!” says Jessie Clemence. “No one is adequate! We all need to humbly seek God’s wisdom and blessings to raise these children.” There’s a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse creatively expresses many parenting issues faced by moms and offers encouragement to help you on your journey. You’ll enjoy Clemence’s sense of humor and casual tone as she explores God’s perspective on motherhood and also shares her personal experiences as a mother of two. Not only will you find practical insights and biblical wisdom, but you’ll also find a funny quiz, interesting interviews with moms, study questions, and more. Reminding you to rely on God to help you display humility, patience, and love, Clemence says, “Thanks to God’s grace, I have far more patience than I ever knew existed. And you, too, can have this blessing. May God teach you about His patience as He continues to teach me.”

My Thoughts:
I will admit that I sighed a bit when I picked up this book.  I read a fair number of parenting books and it seems that there is very little new under the sun when it comes to these works.  With this book, I prepared myself for more of the same.

I was pleasantly surprised.

In There's a Green Plastic Monkey in my Purse, Jessie Clemence does not inform us what we need to do to be perfect parents.  Instead, she let's us know that it is okay to not be perfect--we never will be, but we can do our best.   There is little in the way of actual advice in this book, and that's just fine.

If I had to describe what it felt like to read this book, it would like someone was holding my hand and letting me know that I was not alone.  All mothers struggle from time to time and the trick is to not get lost in your struggle but to hand things over to God.  I read a fair number of Christian parenting books and, frankly, this has been my favorite so far.

There were some moments of advice--I found the last 2 chapters before the conclusion to be the most useful.  While reading about her maniacal neat-freak grandmother and aunts, I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to get up and purge my house of the clutter (and I would have, had I not been sick at the time I read that!).  And while I personally didn't find many tips and tricks in the rest of the book, I did find a fair amount of comfort.

If someone were to ask me for a Christian parenting book, this would be the one that I recommend.

I received an electronic copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review.  I received no other compensation for this post.

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