Friday, April 4, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - April 5

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And now we're onto our last day in Rome!  I'll be honest, you could spend a year in Rome and still not see everything.  We're already planning a repeat trip (in several years, with the kids!)

Here I am with Medusa.  I want to say that this was at the National Museum of Rome?  Again, the guidebook is long gone....

This is a very boring picture to represent something very fascinating.  The Cappucin monks had this very, um, interesting tradition of decorating this chapel with the bones of the dead.  It's morbid and all, but very, very cool.  Unfortunately, they don't allow photographs, so this is the best you get.

The hubs at Piazza B--something.  Anyone?  I want to say Barbarossa, but I don't think that's it.

From one ancient city to the next...we're off to Greece!

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