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Saturday Snapshot - May 17

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Well, are we ready for another trip?  For the next few weeks, I'll be posting pictures of our Arizona trip earlier this month.  Since we go to Arizona to see my parents at least once a year, some of these pictures will look a bit familiar if you were doing SS last year--we have a handful of places we try to go every year and, as a the kids get older, we add more attractions to that list.

If you've never been to the Tucson area, I highly recommend it.  There is actually quite a lot to see and do there--and, frankly, it is MUCH prettier than the Phoenix area (in my opinion).  Our first stop on this visit was the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is actually more like a zoo.  The kids love it!

There were a number of docents on duty talking about different topics.  This one told the kids about the Saguaro cacti.

Here the kids are learning about meteorites.

We were told this young cougar loved kids...and he did.  When he saw mine, he came right up to the glass and started licking his chops.  Ha ha!

This is a young coyote--their older pair died since the last time were there and this one is a new arrival.

Checking out the gila monster.  For some reason, my kids are obsessed with these things!

They have little "tracking stations" for the kids.  We didn't buy the little guide for the stamps, but that didn't stop the kids from using the stamps!

Learning about coyotes and wolves.

Next week, I'll show pictures from where we stopped on our way home from the Desert Museum!

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