Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Summer Reading Program

I'll admit of the blessings of having kids is that we get to do the summer reading programs at the library.  I did these growing up and now I get to do them with my kids (and, my fabulous library does an adult version as well--I just love those guys!).  Today, I happened across something just plain wonderful: The Blogger Summer Reading program!

Did I sign up?  Well, within 30 seconds of finding out about it.  All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up at Katie's Book Blog
  2. Decide on a realistic goal for yourself
  3. Create a shelf at Goodreads to track your progress (here's mine)
My goal is 35, which is a bit above and beyond what my TBR plan is.  I decided to push myself a bit as we'll be on a long road trip this summer and I'll have plenty of reading time in the car.

And, to be fair, I'm not going to start counting until after I finish my current books (I should be finishing one today and another within the next couple of days).  

Here's another important thing: because this challenge is essentially run through Goodreads, you don't have to be a book blogger (or any blogger for that matter) to just need to have a Goodreads account!  And, if you haven't yet "friended" me there, please do!

So, who is with me?

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