Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Reading Life: Blogging

First off, this is the start of a very sporadic series I'll be doing.  I have no clue when I'll get around to writing up the second installment.  Sorry.

Apparently, voracious readers are not quite as common among adults as I'd like to think.  Given that I have a book blog (and I belong to two book groups and I talk about books ALL THE TIME), I get a lot of questions about my reading.  I thought I'd address some of those in a series of posts here.  I'm going to try to be somewhat organized about that and group the questions I receive together thematically, and I thought it would be appropriate to start with blogging.  Here we go!

Boy, you really read a lot!
This questions will be address further in a different post where I actually talk about my reading.  However, I did want to touch on it here because I think the blog might be giving an inaccurate view of my mighty reading powers.

Yes, I do read a lot and I probably read a little faster than the average person. That being said, it looks like I read faster than I actually do on this blog.  I keep a blog schedule here and I post reviews only on weekdays and then do a Saturday Snapshot on Saturdays (which is actually posted on Friday evening, but oh well).  Many of the books I read have not been released and I don't like to publish my thoughts before the book hits the shelves, so I will write up a review and then schedule it to post at a later date.  For example, on July 8th, a review will show up here of a book that I read (and wrote the review for) in May.  It just works out that way.

I also work with a few publicity companies--most notably TLC Book Tours, Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours / Book Junkie Promotions, and LitFuse Publicity Group--and I'll have an assigned date to publish a review for them.  Because I don't publish more than one review a day, all the other reviews get worked around these dates.

And, then, of course, there are books that I read and then publish a review for almost immediately.  Those are sort of the 3rd priority posts and get worked around the scheduled dates and the new releases.

As a result, I might have 10 weekdays of reviews in a row, even though I may have only read 3-4 books during that time.

Why a blog?
Because I love to talk about books and, once I became a SAHM, I didn't have the opportunities to get into book discussions with non-virtual people as I did before.

Your reviews are kind of short...did you know that?
Yes, I know that...and it is intentional.  For one thing, I don't want to read long reviews so I don't expect others to read them.  Also, my goal is not to dissect a book and write a thesis.  Instead, I just want to encapsulate my thoughts enough so others can decide if the book is something they would like to read.  At times I write longer reviews, but that is when I have specific issues with the book that either shaped how I felt about the book as a whole or that I felt needed to be highlighted.

Do you like every book you read?
No--in fact, sometimes I think I'm too critical about what I read.  I have noticed that I've been writing mostly positive reviews of late; but that is because I've been reading mostly good books.  I will write negative reviews--but I will also set a book aside if I haven't agreed to write a review (for a blog tour or netgalley or what not), which cuts down on the negative reviews that I write.

Yes, I have written a 1 star review--it was actually a 1.5 star review back when I was doing half-stars, but that was really, really generous on my part.  I won't go into what book it was--you can easily find it on this book if you want--but, if I hadn't agreed to read it for a blog tour, I would not have finished it.

Do you ever second guess your reviews?
Sometimes.  There are times when, after a few months, I realize that a book really didn't deserve the positive (or, let often, negative) review that I gave it.  I've toyed with going back and changing the post, but opted not to do that.  I just don't have time to keep editing posts.

Why aren't you on Wordpress?
You'd be surprised how often I get this!  Here's why: I'm too lazy.

I like Blogger--I understand it.  People have told me that a Wordpress conversion is easy--and I've read how to do it--but the whole idea blows my mind.  And, really, if blogger is working for me, why not stick with it?  I know that Wordpress is a better choice if you monetize your blog but--and this may be a big surprise--but I'm not making any money off this little blog!

Will You Read My Book?
It depends.  First, check out my Review Policy.  Once you've done that, check out my Book Review Index and see what kind of books I tend to like.  Does your book fit in with that?  If so, drop me an email and ask.  I can't make any promises, though.  I do periodically go on "fasts" from accepting books to review until I have caught up on my other reading...or I may just be booked up...or I just don't think your book "fits" with the blog.

Do you have any other questions you'd like me to cover in upcoming posts?  I have several planned--but not yet written--and would love to incorporate some more questions.

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