Friday, July 11, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - July 12

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Welcome to our family's huge road trip!  Buckle up because this will be the topic for many, many weeks to come!

I have a short post this week (don't worry, I'll make it up next week), simply because I was playing with the settings on my DSLR and most of my pictures didn't turn out.  You know, I should really take a class!

Anyway, we headed out bright and early and made it from the Portland metro area to the Boise Metro area in one piece!  Our first stop was a quick one at Multnomah Falls.  This is less than an hour from us, but we have never taken our kids!  So we made a quick stop and headed out for a few pics!  It was pretty chilly, though, so we only stayed long enough for pictures and a potty break.

Our other big stop was the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City, OR (almost to Idaho).  I've always wanted to go here, but it is quite the haul from our home.  Now, however, I can say that I've been there!  I most likely won't go back--it was nice, but it really could have been better.  Oh well!

We got to our final destination around 7pm, about 11 hours after we had left home.  Our internal clocks were a little off because we had crossed from Pacific to Mountain time, but oh well!  We took the kids for a swim before bed and then we all slept like rocks!

There is no way we could have done this trip if we didn't have a minivan!

The lovely Multnomah Falls!

The view from the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.  That looks like ugly weather out there, but we only encountered a few raindrops!

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