Friday, August 29, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - August 30

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We decided not to go back to Yellowstone during our last day in Livingston--we had seen most of what we wanted to see and didn't want to fight the crowds.  Instead, we headed over to Bozeman to see the Museum of the Rockies.  We had gone there the last time were in the area, which was before we had children.  We knew our kids would love it!

These pictures were taken with my iPhone, so the quality isn't quite as good.

My kids immediately went for all these dinosaur toys.  Little did they know that the real dinosaur exhibit was around the corner!

Checking out a dinosaur diorama

Another play area...

Upstairs was the "Yellowstone Room," which was a hands on area for kids.  My daughter loved the "fishing"

Here is my husband trying to teach my son to fish!

My daughter, the eagle!

The museum includes a living history "homestead house" out back.  My daughter got to try her hand at churning butter!

Pumping Water

Apparently pumping water is quite fun....

And then we water the plants....

Checking out the root cellar

There was even a blacksmith on duty!

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