Friday, September 19, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - September 20

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Custer State Park (South Dakota) is quite the place to see.  It is sort of a mini-Yellowstone, minus the geysers but plus the wild donkeys.

So, wild donkeys.  Growing up, my father would always tell me to watch out for wild donkeys while we were on our road trips (we took one, sometimes two, long road trips a year).  My mother swore he was making the wild donkeys up....but, hey!, he was right!  There ARE wild donkeys, after all!

The first part of Custer State Park goes through some amazing rock formations--and plenty of switchbacks, which makes it a tricky route to navigate.  Then it straightens out a bit and goes through some flatter areas teeming with wildlife.  The road gets incredibly twisted again as it goes back up into the Black Hills and towards Mt. Rushmore (come back next week for those pictures!)

A bone fide wild donkey!

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of wild buffalo in the park!

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