Friday, October 10, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - October 11

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On this particular day, it was all about Laura Ingalls Wilder!  Because of the sheer number of pictures, I'm dividing this day into 2 posts.

The first stop was De Smet, SD.  This is where the Ingalls family ultimately ended up and Laura married Almonzo Wilder.  We had planned to visit both the Ingalls Homestead and then tour the houses in town, but time got the best of us and we only made it to the Homestead--which means another trip to De Smet will be in our future!

The Ingalls Homestead is a living museum on the actual site of the land homesteaded by Charles Ingalls.  The original structures are gone and no one is sure where exactly they were, but they used Laura Ingalls Wilder's descriptions to build replicas where their best guess of the locations were.

A view of the homestead from the high ground

Another view...and yes, those are tents.  You can camp here!  If we had had room in our minivan for our camping gear, we would have camped as well!

My kids loved the barn--complete with chickens and a cow...and a litter of kittens!

My kids are apparently wild for pumping water!

The kids running down the hill...just like the opening credits of the TV show.

Checking out (a replica of) Ma's sewing machine

Pony ride!

We rode in a covered wagon over to the school house and the kids each got a chance to steer the team!

The cottonwood trees in this picture are the same ones planted by Charles Ingalls himself!

Come back next week for more of our Laura pilgrimage!

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