Friday, October 24, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - October 25

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After our visit to Plum Creek, the rest of our vacation was mostly family time, so here are some pictures from that time to finish up my vacation posts!

One of my brothers and his family live near LaCrosse, WI.  So, we HAD to visit the world's largest six pack.  I'm not sure why we had to, but we did!  My husband loved it!

Our last Laura Ingalls Wilder stop was the Little House in the Big Woods near Pepin, WI.  The house is a reconstruction and the woods are no longer quite so big (my kids, who have spent their entire lives in the Pacific Northwest, kept asking where the woods were!).  Oh, one other thing....IT IS A REST AREA!  I was a little put off by that!

My oldest brother has a "lake house" in Minnesota, where we spent a bit over a week.  It was colder than usual and the water level was unusually high, but we still had a great time!

Growing up, I'd always go to the Perham Turtle Races when we came to visit my grandmother.  So, of course, I had to take my kids and introduce them to the cut-throat sport of turtle racing!

My husband did get a chance to go out and do some kayaking (and I had a chance to play with my zoom lens!)

And my husband's favorite thing....FISHING!

And, there my friends, is our vacation. It will be a few years until we get to take an extended vacation again, but it was worth it.  I hope you enjoyed all the pics!

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