Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Review: "Curiosity Thrilled the Cat" by Sofie Kelly

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (Magical Cats Mystery #1) Sofie Kelly
Published: February 1, 2011
ISBN: 9780451232496
Genre: Mystery
Source: Personal Copy
Highly Recommended for fans of cozy mysteries

When librarian Kathleen Paulson moved to Mayville Heights, Minnesota, she had no idea that two strays would nuzzle their way into her life. Owen is a tabby with a catnip addiction and Hercules is a stocky tuxedo cat who shares Kathleen's fondness for Barry Manilow. But beyond all the fur and purrs, there's something more to these felines.

When murder interrupts Mayville's Music Festival, Kathleen  finds herself the prime suspect. More stunning is her realization that Owen and Hercules are magical-and she's relying on their skills to solve a purr-fect murder.

My Thoughts:
Cozy Mysteries are what I read when I want to just relax and give my mind a break.  I will admit that I'm not the sort of mystery reader who consciously goes through the book looking for clues and challenges myself to solve the mystery before the reveal; instead, I read these more as a straight novel and just enjoy the story as I go along.

It had been quite some time since I last read a Cozy Mystery when I picked up this book. I really didn't know much about it other than it had cats (which I love) and that was the first in the series (which is a must for me).  Other than that, I went into this book with an open mind.

This was an enjoyable read for me.  I immediately liked Kathleen and found I could relate to her.  As is common in such books, Mayville Heights is full of quirky characters, although I will admit that a number of them sort of blurred together for me.  I have a feeling that they will become more distinct as the series progresses, so I hesitate to hold that against this book.

Another thing that I'm hoping will become clearer in later books (as you can tell, I've already decided to go further into this series) is how these two cats, Owen and Hercules, are magical.  In this book, their "magic" seemed to be limited to stealing and then getting stoned on catnip and walking through closed doors.  Still, I found these cats charming, even if their powers were a bit vague.

I thought I had figured this mystery out until the very end, which is a good sign.  I also didn't feel that there was an unbelievable jump needed for Kathleen to solve the mystery.  I also appreciated that Kathleen didn't act like a detective throughout this book  Frequently in Cozy Mysteries, you get a baker or librarian or what not basically doing police work and that was not the case in this book.

If you are looking for a new series, I would definitely recommend this book and series.  I'm hoping the following books are as good as this one!

I was not solicited for this review and I received no compensation for this post.

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