Friday, November 14, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - November 15

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So, I had planned to do a post about the beautiful fall colors today.  Well, the weather decided not to cooperate as we have had rain for days and even a "winter storm" yesterday (no snow...just freezing rain).  Now, of course, the weather is lovely but I don't have the opportunity right now to get some pictures.

Instead, I have pictures of our cat.  Yes, cat pics.  Sorry, but it is the best I can do right now.

We've had Alice since the end of August and, well, we're all still adjusting.  She's very different from our former cat, who was just the sweetest thing you can imagine.  Alice is far more independent and less cuddly.  If I'm sitting at one end the couch, I should be very honored if she decides she wants to curl up on the other end.

Of course, she's still young (we think she's just about to hit her first birthday) and she does have two young kids to deal with here, so that makes things a bit more difficult.  My daughter just really, really wants a cuddly cat and Alice is having none of that.

All that being said, Alice has her positives.  For one thing, she's gorgeous!  She is also pretty playful, which is fun.  She also likes to find strange small place to explore, which gives me plenty of photo ops!

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