Sunday, November 9, 2014

YouTube Sunday: Book Polygamy from Book Riot

I'm trying something this month--I don't know if I'll continue it after November, but it will help me to post something on Sundays.

I've recently (like, in the past week), gotten into some book related vlogs/video podcasts.  So far, I've found 2 to actually subscribe to--Book Riot (which I love) and Swapna Krishna's video podcast.  I've been reading her blog for years, so it was only natural to add her to my YouTube subscriptions.  I'm still looking around to see what is out there, so I'll most likely be adding more soon (and please let me know if you have any you like!)

So, on Sunday's, I'm going to post one of my favorite episodes!  I'm going to stay away from posting the most recent episodes--if you like what you see, you can easily go back and find that.

Today, I'm posting a Book Riot episode that, well, I could have done myself--although not nearly as well.  Book Polygamy.  I think I have 6 books going on right now.  Yes, I'm a loose, loose woman when it comes to books.  Here, Amanda Nelson explains how you, too, can be practice reading infidelity!

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