Friday, December 5, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - December 6

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Wow!  Life has been busy for us!  I'm feeling rather tapped out at the moment, so I apologize if this is a less than interesting Saturday Snapshot this week.  I don't have any kind of a theme, just 3 pics from this week.

We decorated the house on Saturday night...our practice has been to do that the night before the first Sunday of Advent so the kids will be surprised in the morning.  They are surprised and it is delightful, but I'm afraid this might be the last year of that tradition--my daughter has been asking to help us decorate so we may have to actually involve the kids next year.

In any case....decorating the house has posed some challenges this year...specifically Alice.  This is not the first nor the last time I caught her...


In other news, I got an early Christmas treat for myself this week.  Actually, it was supposed to be in my hot little hands in September, then November, and finally December...but I'm so glad it is FINALLY out!

Finally, I snapped this one at the end of my daughter's dance lesson.  It was just too unbelievably cute!  (and, in case you're wondering, she's waiting for her end of class sticker).

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