Friday, January 2, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - January 3

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Welcome to 2015!

I have to admit that we are not bit New Year's Eve people.  Our typical plan is to celebrate "New York New Year's" with the kids at 9pm and then put them to bed.  Then, we watch a movie or something and try so very hard to stay up to midnight to celebrate "real" New Year's.  And, basically, that is how New Year's 2014 to 2015 went for us.  We tried to watch the movie Pompeii but it was so incredibly stupid that we gave up and watched the last episode of season 2 of Alpha House and then my husband played video games and I read until shortly before midnight, when we got ready for bed and then forced ourselves to stay away until 12:00:15 am....

In my younger years, I would have had a load of festive pictures to celebrate New Year's Eve.  Now, however, this is the best I an do...and it is very representative of what my evening was like....

So, onto New Year's Day.  The big deal here in my part of the world was the Rose Bowl where the Oregon Ducks went all crazy over Florida.  I'm not overly invested in local college football other than I root for the Oregon team (whether it is Oregon or Oregon State) out of local pride, but nearly everyone else in Oregon is completely into this.

Because of this, I realized that it would be perfect timing to hit the grocery store during the Rose Bowl, and I was right.  I hate grocery shopping, especially when the store is crowded.  Today, however, I pretty much had the store to I could take my time.  And, in doing so, I noticed this pricing gem....

Yep, that's one heck of a sale!

As a footnote to this, though, I have to admit that I bought 3 boxes despite the price.  Seriously, these will make me the best mommy ever in my daughter's eyes!

I know...not the most exciting post, but sometimes it is a blessing to have a period of quiet in life!

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