Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Mini-Bloggiesta 2015

Yes, a second post in one day!  Don't worry, folks, this is a quick one.

After saying I'll do Bloggiesta for months (er...maybe years?), I'm finally doing it this time.  I was all gung ho and then I realized that this was a busy weekend--a long-overdue girls night on Saturday, a playoff game on Sunday (which will either shut my husband up or ring in yet another year of gloating) but, Jennifer over at The Relentless Reader convinced me to give it a try anyway.

Okay, is my task list for this weekend:

  1. Clean Up my Twitter Feed (This is sort of a freebie as I did it not too long ago.  We'll see if I can make myself unfollow Robin Williams this time). (Completed 1/17--and, no, I did not unfollow Robin Williams)
  2. Update My Index Tab (This one is two fold.  First off, I haven't been great about adding titles to my index, so I need to get caught up there.  I also want to create tabs for 4 and 5 star reviews and group titles by year). (Completed 1/18 - opted not to do an additional tab--I tried it, but it looked junky)
  3. Catch up my "Novels By State" Tab (Like my index, I'm behind on this one).(Completed 1/17)
  4. Create tabs for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge and the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge (Yep, I'm doing both of them. Because I'm insane). (Completed 1/17)
So, come Tuesday, things should be a bit improved around here.

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