Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's Monday...What Are You Reading? (3/2)

I sort of let my Monday "What Are You Reading" posts lapse in February--between a bit of a reading slump and, well, February ended up being a crazy month in our house.  But, now it is March and I'm back in the swing of things.  

I thought of just doing a monthly review of February--I might do that later this week as my future posting are a bit thin at the moment--but I opted to just do a plain old Monday post here:

Last Week on the Blog, I posted:
Book Review: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
Saturday Snapshot

Right Now, I'm reading:
Mademoiselle Chanel by C.W. Gortner
I've enjoyed Gortner's work in the past, so I jumped at the opportunity to read this one for a blog tour.  It is not the "usual" subject matter for Gortner, and I know little about Coco Chanel, so it should be interesting.

One Night in Paris by Juliette Sobanet
I've taken to reading some lighter fare on my phone--it comes in handy when I'm out waiting on the kids!  I have a number of Sobanet novels in my Kindle queue, but I decided to start with this novella.

Horoscopes for the Dead: Poems by Billy Collins
Okay, I'll admit that I'm reading this to knock of the poetry item on the Book Riot Challenge--but I'm also trying to read more poetry.  I've always struggled with it but I do enjoy listening to the poems of Billy Collins, so I thought this would be a good place to start.

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
This is what I'm currently reading with my daughter.  It wasn't really my choice--I enjoyed this story as a child, but it makes me cry--which poses a problem when I'm reading it out loud.  Oh well, if I made it through By the Shores of Silver Lake, I should be able to make it through Charlotte's Web.

Right Now, I'm listening to:
Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan
This is another fun one, but it is making me hungry!  I know my husband has been listening to Dad is Fat, so I might load this one on his phone next.

Last week, I finished reading:
The Reluctant Midwife by Patricia Harman (review 03/03)
This is the sequel to The Midwife of Hope River, which I greatly enjoyed.  I won't say much about this one here as the review is going up soon, other than it was sort of a unique second book.

Grimm: The Killing Time (still trying to decide if I'll review this one)
I really hope that there are some more of these books coming out because they are great for when I need to get out of a rut.  The was the first of my "phone books" and it was just the right sort of book for that kind of thing.  It was fun and light and easy to pick up and put down....and a great read while the show is on a short hiaitus.

Last week, I finished listening to:
1776 by David McCullough
Finally!  I enjoyed it, but it was hard to finish up.  It took me so long to get through it that I don't really feel that I can review it.  Basically, if you like history, you'll like this one.

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