Friday, March 27, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - March 28

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So, I've been spending most of this week doing Bloggiesta stuff on the blog (and I still have loads to do!).  I did get to run out and get some pics of the trees blooming in our yard....

This is one of our cherry trees.  It's a fruit tree (not an ornamental), so it blooms a bit later.

This is our 6 variety grafted apple tree.  My husband keeps saying he's going to take this one out and replace it, but he hasn't done it yet.  We aren't really fond of the varieties on this tree, so I'm hoping he replaces it with a honeycrisp tree.

There are actually 4 trees here: a bartlett pear, an Asian pear, a red delicious apple, and a honeycrisp apple.  The one with the most blooms is the Asian pear.

Th trees have only been in a few years, so we haven't gotten a substantial yield yet, but I'm hoping to start reaping the benefits this fall.

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