Friday, May 29, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - May 30

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Last weekend was, of course, Memorial Day Weekend.  My husband's brother came down for a visit, which was great fun.  We decided to drive down to Willamette Mission State Park on Saturday for a walk--I hadn't been to the park in years and my husband (and kids) had never been.

It was oddly quiet there, which was a welcome surprise.  The park is the site of the oldest Mission in the Oregon territory, as well as the landing of the oldest ferry crossing in the state (that would be the Wheatland Ferry).  I don't think the kids cared at all about the history, but they loved the ferry!

The start of our walk

The Willamette River

The kids get a rock-skipping lesson from their uncle

My husband showing his mad rock-skipping skills

The Wheatland Ferry

My daughter on the trail

Good luck reading this... but it explains the history of the Mission

The "Ghost Mission" across Mission Lake.  This used to be the Willamette river,, but the river changed course after a flood many years ago

That's a big tree....

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