Friday, June 19, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - June 20

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Only one picture this week, but I simply LOVE it!  This past Wednesday was the annual family picnic for my husband's "cluster" at work.  The kids always have a fabulous time at it--I mean, there are BOUNCE HOUSES and there is nothing my son loves more than a bounce house!  In the past, the kids have always gotten elaborate face-painting done, but they had to skip that this year as they had swimming lessons that weekend.  But, they did bounce...and they did get balloon animals (well, my daughter got a balloon animal and my son got a balloon bow and arrow) and, of course, we ate...a lot.  My daughter loves cotton candy and that is one of those things she gets once, maybe twice, a she was in 7th heaven!

In other exciting news from the picnic, they always have a raffle and I have terrible luck with raffles.  BUT! This year, I won!  And, not only did I win, but I won the grand prize--a new Samsung Tablet (as of the writing of this post, I don't actually have it yet--my husband is supposed to bring it home tonight).  I was actually looking at tablets because I want to replace my kindle with one--we have an iPad, but it is more of a family tablet as they kids (and my husband) use it far more than I do and it has a keyboard case, which makes it a bit too heavy and bulky for reading.  But, THIS tablet will be my tablet--my husband is putting up a little fight on that front.  But, it is Father's Day this weekend and I'm still waiting for my Mother's Day gift, so......

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