Friday, July 31, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - August 1

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Folks, it is HOT here!  It hit 104F yesterday and I think we made it to 102F today (Friday).  Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler..only 99F.  Ha!  We spent the morning at the Washington County Fair, which was fun--although, well, hot.  I had planned to take loads of fun pics this morning and load them up, but we were so hot that we spent a lot of time just looking for misting stations.

So, instead, let's go back to last weekend, which was surprisingly cool.  We were blessed with some much needed rain.  It wasn't exactly surprising--no matter how hot and dry our summers are, we can always count on a rainy weekend in July.  My kids loved it...they've been staying in the air conditioned house a lot and used the cool weather as an excuse to get outside.  I think this picture pretty much captures it all--especially how my son was almost prepared for the rain....

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