Friday, July 10, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - July 11

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These are the pictures I meant to post 2 weeks ago, but hadn't finished editing them.

On June 20th, the hubs and I took the kids up for a hike around Lost Lake near Mt. Hood.  Neither of us had been there, so we could only go by the hiking book that it was an easy 3.5 mile loop hike (we've found that loop hikes work far better than out and back hikes with our kids).  It was well worth the trip, even though it was incredibly crowded up there.  But, even with all those people, most of the trail was quiet and peaceful.

A great view of Mt. Hood.  Strangely, we could only see the mountain from a small section of the trail.

My son was all geared up for the walk.

My husband leads the way!

Another view of Mt. Hood

This was probably my favorite part of the trail--it was very fairy-tale-ish!

Apparently, a longer trail meets up with the last part of the loop.  Maybe we'll check it out when the kids are older.

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