Friday, July 24, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - July 25

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Every once in a while, something fun just falls in your lap. This week was going to be a boring, same-old, same-old week.  But, then, I fond out that I had won a family pack of tickets to the Portland Thorns game on Marlynn's Urban Bliss Life blog (a little plug here: Marlynn is a local blogger with a fabulous site.  I can't even tell you how many tips, ideas, and recipes I've gotten from her.  If you have a minute, check her out).

Green Bay is a football town (God bless 'em!), Boston is a baseball town, but Portland is a soccer town.  We actually have 2 MLS teams--a soccer team and a men's soccer team (see what I did there?)  The Thorns is the women's team and they have 7 (I think?) players who played in the recent World Cup, 2 of which played on the US Team--forward Alex Morgan and midfielder Tobin Heath, who scored the final goal in the World Cup Championship game.  This was the first game since the World Cup and the first time they had sold out Providence Park (21,144 if anyone is wondering).

My husband is a huge soccer fan and played seriously growing up, so I knew he would enjoy it. And my kids like to have the opportunity for "sanction screaming," so I knew it would be a fit for them as well.  So, my daughter skipped her swim lessons and we headed down to the park. I had never been to "Providence Park" before, but I had spent more than a few hours there back when it was "PGE Park"--and a baseball field.  All I can say is that it was pretty much a completely different facility now--and a great improvement!

Back to the game....The Thorns were playing the Seattle Reign, which also had several World Cup players (including goal keeper Hope Solo--who wasn't playing that night--and forward Megan Rapinoe who was petty much everywhere during the game).  Our seats were great-with easy access to the snack bar and the bathrooms (this is very important when you have kids!) and we even sat next to Marlynn and her family, so I was finally able to meet her!

Ultimately, the Thorns went down 0-1, but it was still a fabulous night.  My daughter has adopted Tobin Heath as her idol and I'm sure my husband and I will be back next season (most tickets are already sold for the remaining games this year), but maybe without the kids.  As I said, my husband is big on soccer and, with him, it is all about the game.

The view from our seats

My son is trying to figure out who is who

No sporting event is complete without cotton candy

My son got into the chanting and even tried to do the wave.  Of course, he was the ONLY person in our section doing the wave, so it didn't really have the desired effect.

A little side note...I've started an Instagram account for this blog at westmetromommyreads.  I still have my private mdawnott account, but that one will mostly be just kid pics and everything else will be on the new (and public) account.  Feel free to give me a follow!

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