Friday, August 7, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - August 8

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It is no secret that we've been having a hot, dry summer here.  I mean, I complain about it incessantly.  Well, last weekend was a scorcher.  My brother-in-law was visiting and we went to the county fair on Friday, stayed in the AC on Saturday, and then, on Sunday, we decided to escape the heat by heading out to the beach.

We opted to go to Oceanside this time for 2 reasons.  First of all, the drive that way--through the Tillamook forest--is much prettier than many of the other roads out to the coast.  Secondly, it is probably the least touristy beach town on the coast.  We knew that we were not the only people heading west and we thought that Oceanside would be less crowded.  It ended up that it was far more crowded than we ever remember it being, but I heard the more popular destinations at the coast were packed, so we made the right choice.

Oceanside is a little town that is noticeably lacking in hotels and restaurants, and it is at the base of a steep hill, which are factors into why not many people go there.  It does have a really nice wide beach, but then there is the tunnel to the OTHER Oceanside beach.  It is much shorter, but more dramatic.  We ended up going through the tunnel and spending the bulk of our time there.  Unfortunately, we ended up arriving just as the tide was hitting its high point, so we were chased out of that area by the water and ended up on the main beach, where the kids worked on their sandcastles and I did some walking (yes, I enjoy long walks on the beach...blah blah blah).

As for the weather, it was MUCH cooler--I was glad that I hadn't taken our sweatshirts out of the car after our last trip to the beach a few weeks earlier!  But, it was a nice change from the heat in the valley.

This is the "main" beach at Oceanside

This is the smaller beach on the other side of the tunnel

I love the colors in this one

My son is running out some of his energy

The tide is coming in!

My husband and brother-in-law throw out common sense in an effort to take the perfect selfie

The tunnel back to the main beach.

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