Friday, October 16, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - October 17

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So, this week has been a bit exciting around here.  Well, one day of this week...

Our house was built in 2007 and, apparently, siding and paint only lasts 7-8 years (who knew?)  Our house was in desperate of some TLC and we finally got things moving this week.

The first step was to have all the trim taken out and replaced with a synthetic trim that wouldn't rot.  So, on Tuesday morning, 4 guys pulled up at our house and went to work.  Alice the cat still has not recovered and I still have a lingering headache from all the pounding, but my son thought this was the best thing ever!  He spent the entire day running from window to window to watch the workmen!

The siding and trip replacement is done and, hopefully sometimes next week, the workmen will be back to paint!  Hopefully I can do a big review for next week's Saturday Snapshot!

This picture is actually from 2010, but is should give you an idea of what our house originally looked like...

So this is what our house looks like a the can see the replaced trim with all the caulking still exposed.  What you probably can't see is how badly the whole thing needs a new coat of paint.

And here's my son, taking his self-appointed supervisory duties very seriously!

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