Friday, November 13, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - November 14

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I was hoping to have fantastic pictures this week, but most of my pictures didn't turn out!  Boo!  Still here are a few....

Last weekend, I attended the Wordstock Literary Festival in Portland, Oregon.  The Festival had been on hiatus for a year or so and is now under new management, so to speak.

It was very popular and the crowd control, well, that could have been improved.  In the past, it had been held at the Convention Center but, this year, it was at the Portland Art Museum with the larger talks being held at church across the street.

Even with the crowds, it was still great fun.  Here are the only half-way presentable pics I have....

It was very, very rainy that day so I was glad my friends had a mocha waiting for me when I finally got through the line!

This is the first page of a NOT choose your own adventure put out by a local publisher.  Let's just say my TBR pile is much higher after this event!

Not a great picture, but the highlight was watching Cheryl Strayed interview Diana Nyad!  Did you know that Diana Nyad's "hotel room" workout is 1000 burpees?  Yikes!

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