Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CD Review: "Here Comes Christmas" by Greg Page

Here Comes Christmas Greg Page
Released: November 24, 2015
Genre: Family Christmas Carols
Source: Waldmania PR
Highly Recommended

You might enjoy this CD if you like: Christmas music to sing along to, the Wiggles, Music to Dance to, Music for the whole family

My Thoughts:
It seems that I'm doing at least one Christmas Music review a year in December, and I think that is a pretty good use of my December posting time!  This year, we have Greg Page's new Christmas CD, Here Comes Christmas.  Who is Greg Page?  Well, if you've had small children in the past two decades or so, you will know him best as the original Yellow Wiggle!  While he does not currently perform with the group (3 of the 4 original members have retired from performing), he is still producing music.

Now, my kids are big fans of the Wiggles.  A few years ago, I took my daughter to see them in concert (which was, incidentally, the year that Greg Page returned to the band) and she went crazy.  And, by crazy, I mean she stormed the stage kind of crazy.  Sadly, Emma has since filled the Yellow Wiggle shaped hole in her heart, but my son is now the super fan.  So, there was much dancing and squee-ing in our house when this CD showed up.

To be fair, this is clearly not a Wiggles-ish CD.  It doesn't sound like the Wiggles, but it is clearly appropriate for the same audience.  The arrangements are set more for singing along than for dancing along.  Since most of the songs are well-known, and we do most of our caroling-listening in the car, this is perfect for us, although the changed lyrics to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" do throw my children off a bit.

There are also 4 "bonus" non-Christmas songs, which are definitely ones that will get your kids up and dancing!

This is actually the only new Christmas CD that came into our house this year (which must be some kind of a record), but it is worthy of that title.  My kids have asked for this CD almost every day this year and I'm sure it will be well-played in years to come.

I was given a copy of this CD in return for an honest review.  I received no other compensation for this post.

You can read more about this CD, and find link to download it, here.

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