Thursday, January 14, 2016

Video Clips Galore--Remembering Alan Rickman

I logged onto Facebook early this morning to see which movies were nominated for Oscars (which is really sort of moot since I haven't seen any of them) and the first 30 posts or so were not about the Oscars, but about the untimely death of Alan Rickman.

Really, who doesn't love this guy?  He could play just about anything and make anyone swoon by reading the phone book.  As I posted first thing, I don't think I've had a "kick in the gut" feeling over a celebrity death since Robin Williams' passing.

So, in his honor, I'm breaking my one post a day rule and giving you some clips from my favorite Alan Rickman roles.  These are in the very scientific order of...the order of the tabs that are currently open on my browser

I hope you enjoy these and remember a truly great actor.

First off, let's just start with the obvious:

Okay, this next one is really wonderful.  If you know me, you know that I am, ahem, NOT a Jane Austen fan.  But I do love this movie--even with all its weird flaws.  Flaws, you ask?  Well, Emma Thompson is old enough to be the mother, Kate Winslet is old enough to be Elinor, the youngest sister (Margaret?) looks like a pre-pubescent Hugh Grant in a wig and a dress.  And, speaking of Hugh Grant...I love the guy, but he had no business being in this film.  Did I mention that Dr. House and Dolores Umbridge are in it (nothing wrong with that, of course....)

But there is one bit of pure perfection in this movie...and that is Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon.  He was perfectly cast and he performed exquisitely.

Now, this next movie should have been terrible.  If I were a producer and someone came to me with this pitch, I'd pass immediately.  So, it is probably a good think I'm not a producer, because this movie was a blast!

In all honesty, I hated this next film.  I never read the book and that might have made a difference--but I know plenty of people who read the book and hated the movie, so who knows!  The only thing I did like about it was Marvin...

I think this one is a rue testament to Alan Rickman's voice.  I mean, who else could play a giant stoned caterpillar?

I just love this next movie (Truly Madly Deeply) and it has been AGES since I've seen it.  I think my friend Daisy and I watched it about 3 dozen times in college.  If you haven't seen it, it is like Ghost except it is British, smarter, and far less messy....

Did you like his singing?  Well, I've got more for you (don't worry...this one cuts out before the blood starts flowing).

Finally, this is not a movie role, but it is so worth two minutes of your time...

So, there you are, some of the ways I'll remember Alan Rickman (yes, even Marvin).  I know..there is no Hans Gruber or Sheriff of Nottingham--and I know my hubs will get on me for that--but these are just as notable.

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